There are various mistakes that a writer has to avoid in order to give a piece of writing a strong thesis statement. A thesis statement should not be used as a simple announcement of the subject matter or a description of the writer’s intentions. There should be a statement of the attitude of the writer towards the subject. The use of statements that are not assertive should be avoided as it is unnecessary to clutter one’s thesis with such expressions as I believe or in my opinion and so on.

Mistakes that have to be avoided

Writing a general instated of a specific thesis statement is one of the biggest mistakes with respect to a thesis statement. A thesis statement has to show the reader that a writer has taken a definite stand. Failure to do so results in an unclear and very weak thesis statement.

Making unreasonable claims in a thesis statement should be avoided. If the writer makes derisive, oversimplified, or irrational claims, the thesis statement will not be strong enough to convince the reader that that the writer has a clear and thorough understanding of the issue. Even if a writer has a valid point, it is easy for the reader to dismiss his/her work due to the use of offensive language.

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Further, a thesis should not be expressed as a question. This is basically due to the fact that a statement and a question are two entirely different things. If the writer uses a question to kick-start the thinking process, such thesis becomes the answer that the writer wishes the reader to consider. These mistakes should be avoided if the writer wishes to deliver a strong thesis statement that shows clear interpretation and understanding of the subject matter.