The difference between Book Review and Book Report At some level of a student’s academic work, a book report and a book review are part of the assignment they have had to complete. Most students get confused as they view the two words interchangeably, these leads to failed assignments and poor grades. It is thus crucial to understand the distinction between a book review and a book report.


The first major difference is the level at which a book report and a book review is tested. A book report is usually a high school assignment usually a K-12 level work. A book review, conversely, is a college level assignment. A book report thus requires shallow understanding of the book while a book review requires an in depth understanding.

Word count

Due to its simplistic nature, a book report is usually shorter with regards to the length compared to a book review. The recommended length for a book report is around 200 to 250 words. The recommended length of a book review is around 1000 words.


A book report is similar to a book summary. The students narrate the story, according to how they understand it. The writer needs to cover the plots and themes in a book report. A book review needs the student to understand his book from an intellectual perspective.The student needs to understand and analyze the contents of the book.

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The book report and book summary have the same structure where the author, the publisher and the major themes are covered. The major differences arise is the level at which each assignment is done, the word count and the complexity of the assignment. Students at the college level are likely to be asked to prepare a book review than a book report.